About Us


Started in July 1997, the Rani Laxmibai Mulinchi Sainiki Shala is the first girls’ sainik school started by the Maharashtra Education Society. To contribute the best towards the development and building of our nation, the Maharashtra Education Society has made it a dream project and is doing its best to make it a success for the national cause. This unique school started with only one division of forty girl cadets from all over Maharashtra eighteen years back. Despite challenges, the school has successfully expanded to a strength of  more than six hundred girl cadets. The inclination of joining Defence Services is increasing day by day along with opting for other services like research, the Police Department and the administrative wings. The school starts from class five with a capacity of 45 cadets in each division. The classes are from fifth to twelfth with two divisions per standard. Junior College i.e. 11th and 12th –has only Science faculty and is affiliated to the State Board of Maharashtra. Semi-english medium is offered to the Secondary section and  English medium to the Higher Secondary section to provide equal opportunity to all girls in Maharashtra as we strongly believe that  language should not become a  barrier for them.

Our Vision

Vidya Balancha Upaswa is the motto of all sainik schools in Maharashtra, which clearly reflects our vision. With such a vision, of grooming young cadets with appropriate academic as well as physical development, the girls are trained in a very caring and scenic environment. We think that it is our prime duty and responsibility to provide energetic, creative, responsible, disciplined, sensible, strong and stout lady officers to the country. Admissions are given by identifying the true potential in the students which invariably culminates into great results.

Our Mission

Education is the backbone of personality development and the Maharashtra Education Society promotes it mainly with an aim of making a ‘MAN’ in the true sense of the word. To provide the best affordable education to deserving students is at the centre of the school’s mission.  In the interest of nation building, the focus is on overall personality development – mental, physical, intellectual as well as a strong moral value system.