The architectural design of the school helps to provide an environment conducive to military training of Girls and yet creating a second home for them. Environment friendly practices like Stones for construction, Solar panels for heating bathing water (residences), rain water harvesting, recycling waste-water for landscaping are used across the entire facility.


The school is spread over 30 Acres land consisting school main building, Hostel and Mess building, Multipurpose hall, Sports fields, staff quarters etc. It has an environment conducive to military training of girls and yet creating a second home for them. The use of composite masonry and sloping roofs was a conscious answer to the climatic and topographical conditions. The huge and beautiful pollution free campus is with full greenery, internal roads, and adequate water supply.

School Main Building

The School main building consists of offices of the Principal, Commandant, Administrative Office, Classrooms, Library, Laboratories, Craft room, Multimedia Hall, Staff room etc. The entire building is constructed such that there is abundance of air and natural light. It has a student friendly atmosphere with a military touch.


The school has classrooms for standard 5th to standard 12th with two divisions each. One class can seat 45 girls easily. The classrooms are designed such that there is abundance of air and sunlight hence using the natural resources to their fullest.

Cadet's Residence

Spectacular Hostel building accommodating 720 cadets well equipped with all residential needs. It is the home for students on campus. A lady warden is available in every ward. The cadets are taught self-management skills besides providing good lodging and boarding facilities.

Cadet's Mess

Well equipped mess has a dining capacity of 720 cadets. The cadets are provided well balanced healthy meals which includes dates, sprouts, fruits and seasonal vegetables.

Multipurpose Hall

A well furnished auditorium is facilitating conduct of school functions, debate, quiz, declamation, elocution, cultural programmes etc. and other school celebrations. It has been modified to accommodate the table tennis tables and other equipment for the indoor activities.

Computer Lab

School has a well equipped laboratory for students and teachers. In order to keep up with the ever changing lifestyles of people in the world, the school provides a well equipped computer laboratory for the students.

Science Laboratories

School has a well equipped laboratory for students and teachers.The school provides opportunities to their students to learn the various methods and processes involved in science. The school combines classroom or textbook teaching with science laboratory experiments which cultivates a deeper and profound interest in the field. There are separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratories.

Sports facilities

The school has almost all sports facilities viz indoor and outdoor games. School has basketball courts, volleyball court, table tennis courts, Kho-kho ground, firing range, Archery, parade ground, Standard Obstacle course.

MI Room

A doctor couple visits the school on alternate days and is supported by a full time trained nurse who also manages the OPD. The MI room is equipped with required medicines and initial hospitalization facilities. The cadets when sick contact the warden immediately and are not supposed to take medicines on their own.

Jeet Aerospace Institute

Trip to various institutes such as Jeet Aerospace Institute to encourage students. The Jeet Aerospace Institute has a Flight Simulator. The flight simulator is mounted on a mobile platform. The idea behind a fight simulator is to travel with it to various places and get people to experience the thrill and adventure of flying.